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EPF PIN Supports Stephen Sizer

Posted by:
Donna Hicks
May 20, 2022

On May 23, a Bishop’s Disciplinary Tribunal for the Diocese of Winchester in the Church of England will convene to consider a 2018 complaint of antisemitism made against the Reverend Stephen Sizer by the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

The Episcopal Peace Fellowship Palestine Israel Network is aware of, and deeply appreciates the long and powerful witness of Reverend Sizer to the realities of life in Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territories. His criticisms have been recently substantiated by reports from the Israeli NGO B’Tselem and by international organizations including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. We also agree with his criticism of the Scriptural interpretation of some fellow Christians who support an exclusive, supremacist, nationalist form of Zionism. His defense of Palestinian human rights is rooted in a profound commitment to truth and justice as the basis for an enduring peace.

In 1991, the Episcopal Church, adopted Resolution D-122, which expresses a forceful condemnation of antisemitism and distinguishes clearly between anti-Jewish prejudice and legitimate criticism of Israeli governmental policies. We believe the charges leveled against the Reverend Sizer to be a similar conflation of legitimate criticism of Israeli laws and policies with antisemitism.

Accusations of antisemitism leveled at those who advocate for Palestinian human rights are used to stifle the free-flow of information and debate and are being concretized in anti-boycott legislation passed in more than thirty American states. We deplore these infringements of our First Amendment, and we ardently support Stephen Sizer’s right to speak the truth, and stand with him as he faces the predictable fall-out.


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3 comments on “EPF PIN Supports Stephen Sizer”

    1. Start with this posting from his Facebook page:
      Bishop’s Disciplinary Tribunal for the Diocese of Winchester: The Revd Dr Stephen Sizer
      The above Tribunal will be held Monday 23 - Friday 27 May 2022 arising from a complaint made by the Board of Deputies of British Jews against the Revd Dr Stephen Sizer in 2018.
      The Tribunal will be held at St Andrew’s Church Centre Holborn, Central London.
      If you wish to attend for one day or more, please RSVP to Mr Darren Oliver, the Registrar of Tribunals, as seating is limited. His email address is:
      I will not be making any personal comment until after the tribunal has concluded.
      A previous complaint by the Board of Deputies was resolved by conciliation in 2013.
      Response to the Complaint:
      Witness Statements:
      Conciliation Agreement:

  1. Nowadays complaint by the Board of Deputies of British Jews has become a virtual formality when anyone, thought capable of influencing others, suggests ways of ending conflict in Palestine initiated by Zionists in 1948. After so many years it is clear that there is little interest in Israel for doing so and people of good faith and concern do from time to time express views about how conflict may be ended, that is natural, and ending conflict, particularly after so many years and with continual loss of life, like Shireen's only recently, is bound to be of interest to many.
    Routine complaints by the Board of Deputies is a formality of declining consequence, particularly since their following is very small and selective, and not representative of British Jews generally. Complaints are part of a coordinated effort to deflect criticism of Israel, no matter how slight. The essence of being a caring human is to consider and respect others, including all Semites, Jews and Muslims and Christians, and promote ideas and means by which all can live in justice and peace. I am sure that the Reverend Sizer is one of the latter.

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