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A Call for Repentance

30 November 2023: The recent shooting of three Palestinian American college students in Burlington, Vermont has highlighted the way in which Palestinians have been dehumanized in the eyes of many Americans. That a 6 year old boy in the Chicago suburbs could be murdered by his landlord; or that these young men, graduates of the […]

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Notes on the Violence of an Occupied People

30 October 2023:  Dear PIN supporters: These days since October 7 have been hard ones, among the hardest we've had. We are experiencing extreme emotions and are encountering a barrage of reactions to the crisis in Gaza, both from without and from within our own Episcopal Church and EPF families.  Among the most challenging and […]

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This Is No Ordinary Time

15 October 2023: Even through all the years since the Nakba, when war crimes have been commonplace, when we count Palestinian deaths in the hundreds every year, and when “humanitarian disaster” is continuous and only changes by degrees, events in Palestine and Israel in this early October 2023 are testing us – our limits of […]

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PIN Steering Committee Statement on the October 2023 Crisis in Palestine

The Episcopal Peace Fellowship Palestine Israel Network (EPF PIN) mourns the continuing loss of life in Palestine and Israel. We view the deaths, injuries, and destruction set in motion by the actions of October 7, 2023, from within Gaza and organized by Hamas, as the most recent tragic evidence of the abject failure of the […]

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In This Time of Crisis, EPF PIN Calls for Action

The Palestine Israel Network (PIN) of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship (EPF) calls attention to arecent decision by the Supreme Court of the U.S. (SCOTUS) not to hear an ACLU appeal ofArkansas Times v. Waldrip. We call for the Episcopal Public Policy Network (EPPN) to issue anAction Alert, and for members of the Church to contact […]

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An EPF PIN Reflection on 2022

A Review of 2022: An EPF PIN Reflection Palestinians speak of sumud (صمود): steadfastness, perseverance. It was sumud that guided the Episcopal Peace Fellowship Palestine Israel Network (PIN) through 2022, an eventful year that was by turns unpredictable; full of growth, renewal, and achievement; and disappointing and heartbreaking.  As the year began, PIN along with […]

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Shadi Khoury, Two Other Teens Released to House Arrest

Many of you already know that 16 year-old Shadi Khoury was allowed to return home under house arrest after 41 days of "Administrative Detention", first in Jerusalem's infamous Moskobiya Interrogation Center, and later in Damon Prison east of Haifa. Two other boys arrested and seen in court at the same time were similarly released, but […]

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On the Ground in Palestine: Newland Smith Reports

The Seraj Library Project was founded by Laurie Salemeh in 2006.   Laurie grew up in the Chicago area and while studying in a Master's program at North Park University met Estephan who grew up in Jifna, a Palestinian village in the West Bank.  When they moved to Palestine in 2006 they established the first Seraj […]

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East Jerusalem Teen Entering 3rd Week of Imprisonment Without Charges

Update as of Wednesday 2 November 3:30PM Eastern time: Breaking News: Shadi returned to court on Wednesday and his parents were shocked to learn that he and other teens were beaten again the day before. Amnesty MENA is reporting this as torture. Shadi and the others were returned to jail without charges being announced. Please […]

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The EPF-PIN Communications Workgroup is empowered by our Steering Committee to endorse and promote events and campaigns launched by other organizations similarly committed to Palestinian human rights. Allying with like-minded advocates expands our reach and promotes our goals. Solidarity refreshes spirits. It also allows us to reciprocate the contributions of individuals and organizations that have supported […]

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Address by Linda Gaither, 2022 John Kevin Sayre Awardee

EPF Reception, Ithaca, NY,  Sept. 24, 2022 If you could plan a big party with the most interesting and beloved people, who would you invite?  My answer is : You.  This is THE PERFECT PARTY.  Some of you flew in from around the country and some of you were able to walk across town.  Whatever […]

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The World Council of Churches General Assembly Considers Israel as an Apartheid State

Israeli apartheid was one of the more contentious issues which surfaced at the World Council of Churches (WCC) General Assembly, which met in Karlsruhe, Germany from August 31st to September 8th.  EPF PIN friends and followers will remember that the existence of apartheid in Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territories, and how to respond to […]

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