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EPF PIN Member Steve France reports on the Israel Lobby and American Policy Conference 2019

At really successful art openings the crush of excited people makes it hard to check out the art. Similarly, the annual "Israel Lobby and American Policy" conference in DC was so jammed with fascinating people from all over who are working to break Israel's death grip on Palestine and on U.S. policy that it was […]

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Liberation theology as resistance to power calls out injustice

Homily, PIN Retreat Chicago, March 17, 2019, by Kathy Christison I must say, this really is preaching to the choir! We’ve been hearing a lot these last few days about love, because this is what the bishops at their spring meeting emphasized.  I’d also like to talk about love—meaning God’s love for all people equally—and also about […]

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USAID Program Cuts, Sumud/Steadfastness and Resistance

EPF PIN activities coordinator Harry Gunkel writes about funding cuts to USAID programs in Palestine. When USAID completes a construction project or funds the acquisition of new equipment, for example at a hospital, it places a plaque stating that the work is “a gift of the American people”. During the past year, by actions of […]

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EPF PIN, the Episcopal Church and the Ecumenical Statement

Last week we lifted up the Ecumenical Statement  on policy toward Israel and Palestine that was sent to members of Congress and the White House and we encouraged readers to take their own actions by also sending the statement to their representatives. Today, we call readers' attention to the unfortunate absence of the Episcopal Church from […]

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A Proclamation: Liberation Theology is not dead

Kairos Palestine recently held a 9th anniversary celebration and gathering in Bethlehem. Read the statement coming out of the gathering here.  We celebrate it with this essay by EPF PIN member Kathy Christison: The weekly London Economist recently ran an article more or less pronouncing the death of Liberation Theology in Latin America and, by […]

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Voices for Justice: More Testimonies on Palestine Resolutions from the Episcopal Church’s General Convention

D038 Civil Rights and Equality for All in Israel [The House of Bishops declined to concur on this resolution] My name is Marcelle and I am from Bethlehem in Palestine.  As a Palestinian Christian, I often feel forgotten by my international Christian family.  Please visit our beautiful historic and ancient stones and visit us, the […]

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Young Adults from Gaza Speak in Washington DC

Thanks to EPF PIN member Steve France for attending and reporting on this program. It seemed maybe it was a dark joke when Yousef Bashir, a young Gazan, said Israel’s leaders sometimes bomb Gaza out of “boredom.” He was talking to an audience at the Foundation for Middle East Peace about the trauma of growing […]

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Voices for Justice: Testimony from the Episcopal Church’s General Convention on Palestine Resolutions

C038 Safeguard the Rights of Palestinian Children and C035 Due Process for Palestinian Children in Israeli Military Courts [C038 is church policy.] Hello my name is Jennifer Bing and I work for the American Friends Service Committee in Chicago where our offices are located at Grace Episcopal Church. I know many of you are mothers […]

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EPF PIN Program Coordinator Harry Gunkel offers a reflection on Palestine at General Convention

In the Opening Eucharist of the 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry called the worshippers present to remember Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Bishop Curry invoked the German theologian as exemplar of the cost of discipleship, of the sometimes near insuperable difficulty of living into the words of Jesus, not just reciting them. […]

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Final Report on Palestine Resolutions at the 79th General Convention

Note: For those wanting to view the texts of the resolutions go here: and plug in the resolution number in ‘Find by Resolution Number’ and hit ‘Search’. B003 On the Status of Jerusalem:  affirm Jerusalem as shared capital of State of Israel and future Palestinian State; support respect for civil rights & religious interests […]

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Episcopal Church Adopts Human Rights Investment Screen

Episcopal Church Adopts Human Rights Investment Screen to Avoid Profiting from Human Rights Abuses in Palestine/Israel The Episcopal Peace Fellowship/Palestine-Israel Network (EPF PIN) is pleased to announce that today at its General Convention in Austin, Texas, the Episcopal Church adopted a human rights investment screen to avoid profiting from human rights abuses committed in Israel/Palestine. Following a […]

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Offering Testimony on Palestine - A Young Adult Delegate Reflects

One of the main issues I’ve been tracking at General Convention is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  I testified at the hearing on Israel-Palestine issues and have attended both informal talks and the formal debates on the floor.  However, I didn’t expect to find myself as emotional as I was during the debate on the floor at […]

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