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Welcome to the Palestine Israel Network

We hope you will explore the site and that it gives you a better idea of how PIN plans to fulfill its purpose of contributing to a just peace for our Palestinian brothers and sisters. If you have questions or want to discuss aspects of this organizing initiative, please feel free to contact any of the signatories to the Invitation.

Our goal is to provide relevant information and links to valuable resources, to enable stronger, more effective advocacy and to provide a place for PIN members to connect and collaborate. We will post essays by PIN members and others which we hope help to inform, motivate and create rich and useful conversations. These will not represent PIN positions unless we indicate so. We will have differences about positions and strategies which we want to air openly in order to benefit from the variety of opinions within the Network.

Please consider joining PIN and EPF.
Our goal is to create a strong network which strengthens the voice of the Episcopal Church in advocating for a just peace in Palestine/Israel. We hope you will find the Network a valuable resource which empowers and expands your witness.
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