Prosecuting Starvation Crimes in Yemen's Civil War

From Case Western Reserve University School of Law:

The Yemen Accountability Project's release of its white paper "Prosecuting Starvation Crimes in Yemen's Civil War" examines the use of deliberate attacks on food, water, and objects indispensable to survival as part of the Saudi-led Coalition's attacks on Houthi rebels in Yemen. The white paper outlines the evidence of these crimes and makes the case for bringing charges against perpetrators of starvation crimes in Yemen. The panelists will explore the challenges of bringing charges against perpetrators and the potential avenues of accountability. 

A recent White Paper from Case Western School of Law-Cox International Law Center's Yemen Accountability Project (YSP):

Microsoft Word - Starvation White Paper Final Draft_Apr8.docx (

A video of a recent webinar on this White Paper above by principals and experts.

(382) Prosecuting Starvation Crimes in Yemen's Civil War - YouTube

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