Peace Out: Week Fifteen

Week Fifteen Update from Melanie
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Peace Out: Week Fifteen
Alleluia! Christ is risen!
The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!
Steven and I have been in Denver since Friday afternoon. We took the opportunity to attend the memorial service for the victims of the shootings at Columbine High School twenty years ago which was held Clement Park in Littleton on Saturday afternoon. Called "Remember, Reflect and Recommit," the service was a hope-filled event, and in some ways a perfect mood-setter for our own action events set this coming weekend in Denver, details below. It was haunting that the anniversary fell on Holy Saturday, the day when all hope seemed lost to those early mourners of the crucified Jesus. It is our hope that our EPF Year of Action events will mobilize support for preventing gun violence by giving voice to survivors and families of gun violence; by teaching those who attend how to advocate for policy changes; by creating awareness of the contributing factors to gun violence; and by building an enduring base of support among sponsoring organizations of our weekend. It's a tall order, but if you look at what we have planned, you can see why I feel hopeful that our work here in Colorado can lead to effective change.

The Columbine memorial crowd broke into their hallmark chant, "We are Columbine!" reminding me of Bishop David Rice's (Diocese of San Joaquin) prayer in the wake of the unprecedented gun murders at the Christchurch, New Zealand mosques back in March, during which he had the entire House of Bishops chant, "They are us!" in solidarity with those suffering from gun violence. (The quote "they are us" is actually original to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern). It's true: all of us are Columbine, Newtown, Parkland, Christchurch, Charleston, Virginia Tech and the dozens of other mass gun killings that have happened in the last twenty years, and which regrettably will happen again unless we do something. Join us in Columbine this weekend to learn how to take action to affect change.

Former President Bill Clinton offered this in the Denver Post on the anniversary of the killings:

While walking the streets of Denver on April 20, we found this group of young activists and asked them what they were protesting. They said, "Everything!" They lamented that so many others were reveling in the 4-20 haze across the street and said they wished that others cared as much about the environment, income inequality, fair wages, and universal healthcare as they did about legalized pot.
Come to Columbine THIS WEEKEND
for our first Year of Action event of 2019!



Plan to Walk In Love with EPF this weekend! On April 26-28, we will make a pilgrimage to Columbine, Colorado to commemorate the horrible school gun massacre which happened at Columbine High School twenty years ago, and will rededicate ourselves to eradicating gun violence in America. We will partner with advocates against all forms of gun violence, which includes the daily loss of lives in communities across the country due to domestic violence, urban violence, workplace violence, mass killings, suicide and accidental shootings. Preaching on the Sunday of our commemoration will be Lutheran pastor Don Marxhausen, who was forced out as pastor of his congregation when he dared eulogize, humanize and preside over the funeral of one of the young gunmen. I hope if any of you are able, you will join us in Columbine for what we hope will be a transformative and empowering remembrance.

More details and registration at


Friday, April 26

Iliff School of Theology
2323 E. Iliff
Denver, CO
(paid parking available in south lot B)

Chapel presentation with audience dialogue to include seminarians, faculty, and interested public focusing on underlying causes contributing to violence in contemporary culture.

Panelists include:

The Rev. Kym Lucas, bishop-elect of the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado
The Rev. Jasper Peters, pastor of Belong Church, United Methodist
The Rev. Dr. Jennifer Leath, Asst. Prof. of Religion and Social Justice


Viewing of Bowling for Columbine, the 2002 documentary film written and directed by Michael Moore will be shown for any wishing to remain in the Chapel

Saturday, April 27

St. Timothy Episcopal Church
1401 E. Dry Creek Rd
Centennial, CO

Over 12 organizations involved in national and local efforts to address gun violence prevention will present their mission and opportunities for participation. Catered lunch provided with RSVP to frbobdav


St. Timothy Episcopal Church
1401 E. Dry Creek Rd
Centennial, CO

Educational and Policy Workshops on topics ranging from history of gun violence and gun laws in Colorado; organizing the faith community around gun violence prevention; public health implications of gun violence; keeping kids safe from guns; gun violence contributing to suicide and domestic violence; communicating with others on gun violence prevention.

Workshops will repeat twice from 1:15-2:15, 2:30-3:30 for opportunity to hear two topics


Columbine Memorial
Clement Park
7306 W. Bowles Ave
Littleton, CO

Enter park from Pierce Ave between Bowles and Coal Mine, driving west to parking lot closest to memorial (within softball field complex). Take walking path approximately ¼ mile to memorial. During vigil narrators will lead participants in remembrance of the students and teacher memorialized through readings and responses. Opportunity for quiet reflection and hearing readings of hope and inspiration will mark the time of vigil.


Columbine Unitarian Universalist Church
6724 S. Webster
Littleton, CO
(1/2 mile south of Vigil)

A simple meal will be provided by members of the church during which vigil participants will be invited to reflect on the impact of the vigil, the events of the day and group sharing around hope for a more peaceful future. Music and facilitation will be offered for participants.

Sunday, April 28
10- 11:30am

St. Timothy Episcopal Church
1401 E. Dry Creek Rd
Centennial, CO

Morning worship service to include speaker, the Rev. Don Marxhausen, Lutheran pastor who presided over one of the funerals of a Columbine student and his personal story as a result.


St. Andrew United Methodist Church
9203 S. University Blvd
Highlands Ranch, CO

A Service of Remembrance and Renewal to offer personal stories from those impacted by gun violence, grounding the faith response to gun violence within the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition, and inspiring participants with hope and renewal through music and worship.

Read Episcopal News Service coverage of our event here:


Here's a fun, creative project for the right artistic volunteer!
EPF would like to have limited edition t-shirts to
celebrate our 80th anniversary and Year of Action.
We'd be so grateful for an artist among us
to create an image that we could use to market our
Year of Action and apply to t-shirts and other SWAG
we could sell to raise funds. Interested?
I'd love to hear from you to discuss your ideas and terms!

Our upcoming schedule:

After Columbine, we will drive east to be in Nashville for our son, Tate's, graduation from college on May 10. We have some EPF stops along the way!

April 26-28: Columbine Commemoration and Colorado EPF Chapter visitation
St.Timothy's, Centennial, CO
May 5: St. Michael's, Little Rock, AR
May 6: Calvary, Memphis, TN
May 14: St. Ann's, Nashville, TN
May 16: St. John's, Knoxville, TN
June 19: Juneteenth event with Fellowship of Reconciliation, location TBD
June 27-29: Washington, DC "Love God, Love Neighbor: Advocacy in Action"
July 12-13: Big Provincial Gathering, Province V, Kalamazoo, MI
August 8: St. Andrew's, Birmingham, AL
August 9-10: Commemoration of Jonathan Daniels and Martyrs of Alabama
Visit to Legacy Museum and National Memorial for Peace and
Justice, Montgomery and Hayneville, AL
Sept. 4: Bp. Paul Jones feast day, location TBD
Oct 13-24 Palestine
Nov. 11: EPF 80th Anniversary
Nov. 14-16: Borderland Ministry Summit, St. Stephen’s, Tucson, AZ
Dec. 22: National Day of Reparations (FOR) TBD

Are you near any of our planned stops and want to visit? Just shout! epfactnow

Happy Easter!

Until next time,
power to the peaceful!


Easter reminder!
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  • Suggestions of coffee shops, eateries, and sports bars she should visit.
  • Identify best walks and hikes in your neighborhood.
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