Peace Out! Week Eighty-seven

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Peace Out! Week Eighty-seven
Rev. Christy Close Erskine
EPF member and supporter
Sisters, Oregon
The Ability to Protest Peacefully:
A Threatened Right or a Right Threat?
by Rev. Christy Close Erskine

As the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to threaten our country and our world there has been an increasing awareness of a pandemic of inequality and inequity among our black, brown and indigenous sisters and brothers that is difficult to ignore. It's not new by any means but we have an opportunity to see it with new eyes, leaving many of us wanting to learn and understand our history in new ways. As we soften our hearts, many of us are learning how pervasive our white privilege is. Debby Irving in Waking Up White asks us to consider another question: "How might we use our white privilege to dismantle racism?"

Read Christy's full meditation HERE

Standing Rock Civil Rights Lawsuit Moves Forward: Thunderhawk v. Morton County. Read more HERE. Image by Ryan Vizzions
Monday, September 21, 2020 is International Day of Peace! How does your Peace Partner Parish or Chapter acknowledge this day? We'd love to highlight your activities, particularly any virtual celebrations which can be shared with the rest of us so we can be a part of it. Send links to your International Day of Peace events so we can promote them for you here in Peace Out. epfactnow
Your opportunity to view a filmed version of the stage production of "On The Row: Stories from Arkansas' Death Row" is here! EPF National Executive Council member Kathy McGregor will make this impactful film available to our EPF members, Peace Partner Parishes and Chapters via Zoom on Saturday, September 26, 2020 at 4:30 pm Eastern/1:30 pm Pacific. Tickets available on Classy for a $30 contribution to EPF. Check the link here for video previews of this compelling work.
Above from the Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darwish. Photo taken at the Darwish museum in Ramallah by EPF member Tom Foster of Rochester, NY. Although clearly written from a Palestinian to a Zionist, its appeal for empathy as an antidote to violence seems quite general.
Roadmap to Apartheid virtual screening and discussion with panelists, flyer below, is set for Sunday, September 13. Register in advance here to join the discussion and watch the film.
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