New National Executive Council Members Elected at EPF Annual Meeting

Members of EPF met on Saturday, January 29 via Zoom to elect new NEC members. Congratulations to all these servant leaders:

Class of 2020-22

Rob Burgess, Stevensville, MI

Bruce Freeman, Akron, OH

Bob Lotz, Lexington, MI

Kathy McGregor, Fayetteville, AR

Class of 2021-23

Christy Close Erskine, Sisters, OR Vice Chair

Chris Sabas, Salisbury, MD

Paul Ricketts, Ft. Wayne, IN (newly elected member, for a two year term)

Mike Wallens, Alpine, TX

Class of 2022-24

Maureen Hagen, Portland, OR (newly elected member, for a three year term)

Jackie Lynn, Libertyville, IL (newly elected member, for a three year term) Chair

Paul Lebens-Englund, Minneapolis, MN (returning for a three year term)

Cody Maynus, Rapid City, SD (returning for a three year term)

Richard Wineland, Nashville, TN (returning for a three year term)

Randy Heyn-Lamb, Pasadena, CA. EPF Palestine Israel Network representative 

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