Justice and Peace Preaching Series Announced

Beginning on Advent 1, running through the last Sunday after the Epiphany (November 29, 2020 through February 14, 2021), Episcopal Peace Fellowship will offer sermons for each Sunday, focusing on the social justice issues facing our world.
These two words, justice and peace, are foundational to the work of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship. These biblical concepts spoke in their day and to their audience about the transformative power of God to create justice and peace. We believe they continue to speak into our present lives and communities to bring about God’s purposes of liberation and freedom through works of justice and actions of peace. 

To that end, we have invited prominent preachers from around the Church to create a sermon/homily for a particular Sunday during these Holy Seasons and then to record it with video so that it can be placed on the Episcopal Peace Fellowship’s website and made available to our peace partner parishes, and all of the parishes of the Episcopal Church. In these days of Covid-19 many congregations have turned to the use of gathering in worship using virtual means. Individuals, clergy and congregations can access these sermons/homilies to highlight the Scripture’s call for a justice in our human relationships.  They can be used during Mass or for Christian education classes. We pray that God’s Spirit may brood within us following these offerings that move our hearts and minds to bring about righteous action in the ministry of justice and peace.  In short, we hope that these sermons will build up Christians dedicated to their baptismal promise to strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being.

Preachers in the series will include Rev. Dr. Boyd Evans (Abingdon, VA) (Advent 1); Rev. Bob Davidson (Loveland, CO) (Advent 2); Rev. Cody Maynus (Rapid City, SD) (Advent 3); Rev. Will Mebane (Falmouth, MA) (Advent 4); Rt. Rev. Dan Edwards (Denver, Colorado) (Feast of the Nativity); Rev. Allison Sandlin Liles (Fort Worth, Texas) (Christmas 2); Melanie Merkle Atha (EPF Executive Director) (Feast of the Epiphany); Rev. Lauren Stanley (Sudan) (Epiphany 1) ; Rt. Rev. Jonathan Folts (Diocese of South Dakota) (Epiphany 2); Chaska Moore (North Dakota) (Epiphany 3); Rev. Stan Runnels (Kansas City, MO)(Epiphany 4); and Rev. Dr. John Floberg (Standing Rock) (Epiphany 6) .

Questions? Email Melanie Atha at epfactnow@gmail.com.

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