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"You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist."
– Indira Gandhi

Our Vision

A world in which non-violence and peace-making is valued, practiced, and expanded as a viable alternative to violence, coercion, and retribution.

Our Mission

To form people of Peace in the Way of Jesus, who practice peace-making in their personal lives and who advocate for peace and non-violence in the public square.

Our Goal

To support EPF Member’s, Chapter’s, and Affiliate’s long-term health, effectiveness, clarity, joy, and resilience in their work and witness for peace and non-violence.

Our Strategy

To Define ‘Peace’ for the Church, not as the absence of conflict, but as the presence of justice (MLK, Jr.).
To Develop ‘Peace-Makers,’ equipping ourselves with knowledge and skills to be effective agents for change.
To Sustain ‘Peace-Makers,’ grounding, integrating, and nourishing our lives through prayer, study, and service.
To Send ‘Peace-Makers,’ engaging both the private and public spheres of our lives as non-violent agents for peace.

As a fellowship, koinonia (1 John 1:7), our common bond is our shared relationship with the Prince of Peace. We support each other in growing into his likeness by following his ways. Jesus’ Way is non-violence, both as the means and the end of our action in public life (Wink, MLK, Jr.). We support each other in becoming people of peace actively engaged to dismantle systemic violence and oppression. Becoming people of peace includes personal spiritual practice, study, and non-violent action for justice.

Our core value of non-violence comes from Jesus, mediated to us by our pacifist and anti-war Episcopal Peace Fellowship (EPF) predecessors. Non-violence is not a matter of self-righteous moralism, but is a commitment to each other and to the world around us. We pragmatically engage the world to change for the sake of everyone. We love our enemies, rather than denigrate them (Matthew 5:44). Love for enemies is both our spiritual duty and the pragmatic way to peace.

Shaping lives of Peace

  • Becoming Peace: EPF supports Episcopalians to become people of peace – being the change we want to see in the world – through prayer, study, and ‘small acts of justice and mercy’ (Lederach).
  • Practicing Peace: EPF teaches Episcopalians the art of peace-making and peace-building – ‘reconciling all people to God and each other in Christ.’ 

  • Advocating Peace: EPF engages Episcopalians in non-violent advocacy for justice and the practice of reconciliation that makes gains for justice durable. As people of prayer, study, and praxis, we ground justice not in law and political power alone, but in the healing of wounds. ‘It is a struggle for redemption and not retribution’ (Ruby Sales).

Becoming an Episcopal Peace Fellowship Member

If you feel called to embrace non-violence and peace-making as a core commitment in your spiritual life, please consider becoming an Episcopal Peace Fellowship member today. Our goal is to develop conceptual clarity, spiritual resilience, practical knowledge and skills, and effective action networks for our Members, Chapters, and Affiliates.

Here’s our part:

  • Supporting you to Be a Person of Peace
    EPF supports Member, Parish, Chapter, and Affiliate long-term wellness and sustainability by balancing the daily disciplines of prayer, study, and action.

*Compline, Sustaining Persons of Peace Through Prayer: Evenings beginning this fall join EPF members across the country in praying Compline virtually. Led by peace-centered EPF members who will offer a brief meditation sharing their stories and practices about sustaining spiritual peace and strength while advocating for peace and justice.

  • Supporting you to Be a Practitioner of Peace
    EPF supports Member, Parish, Chapter, and Affiliate practical development by maintaining a network of resources through which we build our peace-making toolkit, including pertinent knowledge and skills for cultivating personal integrity and resilience and for organizing public action.

* Peace Building Online Project: The first Sunday of each month beginning at 1:00pst/4:00est, EPF will host a series of online 1-hr presentations on different aspects of and approaches to peacebuilding, both with others and within ourselves. Hear inspiring voices. Learn. Discover resources for going deeper.

  • Supporting you to Be an Advocate for Peace
    EPF champions Member, Parish, Chapter, and Affiliate work for peace in their private lives by aggregating and celebrating the many ways you advocate for peace in daily life, with or without connection to an identified EPF Action Group. EPF also champions Member, Chapter, and Affiliate public advocacy for non-violent peace-making by cultivating a network of organizations through which we pursue our unique passions and work toward effecting our desired outcomes.

Here’s your part:

  • Make a Personal Commitment to Peace

"In loyalty to the teaching, and person of Jesus Christ, my conscience commits me to the way of redemptive love: to pray, study, and work for peace, and to renounce, as far as possible, participation in war, militarism, and all other forms of violence.

In fellowship with others, I will work to discover and create alternatives to violence and to build a culture of peace. I urge the Episcopal Church in accordance with our baptismal vows ‘to renounce the evil powers of this world which corrupt and destroy the creatures of God,’ and to wage peace across all boundaries, calling upon people everywhere to repent, to forgive, and to love."

  • Invest in EPF

Become an Individual Member: Individual members covenant to strive to become a person of peace and to pray for other members to become instruments of Christ’s peace in the world; members lend support to the causes embraced by EPF, consistent with the member’s conscience; and individual members pledge to contribute to the financial health of EPF, with a recommended entry level of $60 ($5/month) and prayerfully consider increasing their pledge on a regular basis. To become an Individual Member.

Become a Parish Peace Partner: Parish Peace Partners covenant to become a community of peace in whatever way works best in the congregation (offering an annual class on conflict resolution, anti-racism training, learning about specific forms of systemic violence, etc.) and to pray for other members to become instruments of Christ's peace; Parish Peace Partners lend support to the causes embraced by EPF, consistent with the discernment of the congregation, and pay annual dues of $250. To become a Parish Peace Partner.

Become a Chapter Peace Partner: A Chapter is a group of supporters who may or may not be members of the same parish. A Chapter covenants to become a community of peace in whatever way works best in the chapter (offering an annual class on conflict resolution, anti-racism training, learning about specific forms of systemic violence, etc.) and to pray for other members to become instruments of Christ's peace; Chapters lend support to the causes embraced by EPF, consistent with the discernment of the Chapter, and pay annual dues of $250. To become a Chapter Peace Partner.

Give the gift of EPF Affiliation: Share the Good News of EPF with someone you love! Perhaps you know a young person who’s passionate about peace and justice. Perhaps you know someone being Confirmed or Received into the Episcopal Church who is looking for a group with whom to pray, to practice, and to promote peace. Perhaps you know an elder in the Church whose days of public activism have come to an end, but who desire to continue supporting the work of non-violence and peace-making. To give the gift of EPF Affiliation.

Make a Donation:!/donation/checkout

Mail a check to Episcopal Peace Fellowship, 2045 West Grand Avenue, Suite B #40058, Chicago, IL 60612-1577

Contact us about Planned Giving Opportunities: Melanie Atha,, 205-807-0343

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