How to Abolish the Death Penalty, Ohio Edition

Important Tools to Abolish Ohio’s Death Penalty from Ohioans to Stop Executions (OTSE)                

Last week, two death penalty repeal bills were introduced in Ohio's legislature!

Senators Nickie Antonio (D-23) and Stephen Huffman (R-5) formally introduced Senate Bill 103, and Representatives Jean Schmidt (R-65) and Adam Miller (D-17) introduced the House version - House Bill 183.

We cannot get these bills passed without your support. As the Director of Organizing and Community Outreach, I wanted to re-introduce myself to you as the go-to person at OTSE who is organizing the grassroots effort to get this bill passed.

If you're a member of an organization that supports ending Ohio's death penalty, visit our partners page and reach out to me at to get your organization listed if it isn't already.

Additionally, we're so excited to get a group of volunteers assembled and looped into the work we're doing. If you're interested in volunteering, please sign up using this link. You'll be hearing from me when we need you to take action.

Our partners at Equal Justice USA (EJUSA) and Witness to Innocence (WTI) have created action items to generate messages to your legislator.Click here for EJUSA's letter, and here for WTI's.

Sincerely,Jennifer Pryor
Director of Organizing and Community Outreach, OTSE

P.S. Ohio is ready to repeal its death penalty. Click here to make a contribution to help us get this done!

Contact Jennifer Pryor (above) or Bruce Freeman at if any questions.

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