EPF Peacebuilder Book Club: 2022

What do the following compelling titles have in common? We'll be reading and discussing them as we continue the Episcopal Peace Fellowship Peacebuilder's Book Club in 2022. Join us: learn, share and connect with other justice-minded disciples as we explore living into non-violence and peace.

Third Saturday each month at 3:00 pm Eastern.

Email epfactnow@gmail.com for the Zoom link.

(Note: this is not the same as our Peacebuilding Online Series!

This is a separate, more informal time for sharing our own wisdom and insight.)

The Schedule:

Isabel Wilkerson, Caste (led by Harry Gunkel in January, 2022)

Valarie Kaur, See No Stranger (led by Mike Wallens in March, 2022)

Amanda Henderson, Holy Chaos (led by the author in April, 2022)

Nelson Mandela, Long Walk To Freedom (led by Rob Burgess in May, 2022)

Lisa Schirch, The Little Book of Strategic Peacebuilding (led by Randy Heyn-Lamb in July, 2022)

Arthur C. Brooks, Love Your Enemies (led Bryan Hinson in August, 2022)

John Lederach, The Moral Imagination (led by Richard Wineland in September, 2022) 

John Dear, The Nonviolent Life (led by Cody Maynus in October, 2022)

Michael Nagler, The Third Harmony: Non-Violence and the New Story of Human Nature (led by Chris Sabas in November, 2022)

Joyce Penfield, Before you Die, Plant a Tree (led by the author in January, 2023)

Resmaa Menakhem, My Grandmother’s Hands (led by Shannon MacVean-Brown)

Walter Wink, Jesus & Nonviolence: A Third Way

Krister Stendahl, The Roots of Violence

Patricia Raybon, My First White Friend

Mohandas Gandhi, Pathways to Nonviolent Resistance

Michael Battle, Reconciliation: The Ubuntu Theology Of Desmund Tutu (led by Kathy McGregor)

Vandana Shiva, One Earth, One Humanity Vs The 1%

Arlie Russell Hochschild, Strangers In Their Own Land

Coline Covington, For Goodness Sake

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