EPF Committees for 2021

EPF Committees are comprised of volunteers who do the administrative work of EPF. These committees are led by members of the NEC but are open to all.

Communications: Establish a communications strategy for EPF; provide Executive Director (ED) content for website, social media, and Constant Contact communications; look at website for adequacy for our needs; manage social media platforms and “comments”; blogging; volunteer to help with virtual office details. (NEC leadership: Bruce Freeman, OH; Rob Burgess, MI; Cody Maynus, SD; Randy Heyn-Lamb, CA)  

Sustainability: Develop a multi-year diversified development plan and goals for EPF; help with fundraising, budgeting, determining long range financial needs and campaigns; help consider how EPF money should be managed; determine electronic banking needs and look at bank investments to determine suitability for managing EPF’s money. (NEC leadership: Kathy McGregor, AR; Chris Sabas, MD) 

Membership:  Create the requirements and commitments for EPF membership for individuals; recruiting member initiatives; help look at donor and contact database management; chapter and peace partner recruiting. (NEC leadership: Rev. Christy Close Erskine, OR: Rev. Richard Wineland, TN)

Programming: Help with resources for missions of EPF (curriculum, materials, speakers’ bureau, etc.) and pilgrimages (urban pilgrimages and special events); consult on management of EPF virtual store; help plan for 2022 General Convention, review and expand partnership with other peace organizations. (NEC leadership: Bob Lotz, MI; Rev. Mike Wallens, TX; Rt. Rev. Dan Edwards, CO)

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