Rio Grande Borderland Ministries (RGBM) is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande supporting vulnerable members of our border community. The above picture is from Voices from Both Sides, an annual event in the Rio Grande River in Far West Texas that RGBM participates in, where people of the borderland share in community with one another on the border. We have recently launched the RGBM partnership program with parishes and Dioceses. Partner parishes that walk alongside RGBM will have the opportunity to hear the true voices from both sides, experience life on the border, and support a ministry of #WelcomeWithDignity. Parish partners support the borderland community through three commitments: stewardship, time, and prayer. We are overjoyed to have parish communities walk alongside us in this work. Please consider sharing the Partnership Brief and Example Covenant with your church. Any questions or concerns? Contact EPF National Executive Committee member the Rev. Michael Wallens ( or Nellie Fagan ( We would be glad to set up a zoom conference for you to learn more and meet some of the leaders in this ministry. Shalom, Mike+

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