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Connect. Attract. Grow.

The Peace Partner network consists of individuals and institutions (congregations, dioceses, seminaries, etc) who are seeking to grow their peace and justice ministries with the support of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship


Congregations that join the Peace Partner network will be listed in EPF’s online Peace Partner Directory.  The Peace Directory is a way to advertise your ministries, connect with other members and declare your church’s commitment to peace and justice.


As a long term EPF member, Ida Mae Patteson (Knoxville, TN) said “When I went to look for a new parish, I needed to find one that acted on their commitment to peace.  I wanted a parish where we could have an EPF chapter.”


Peace Partners receive regular communications from EPF that will support, challenge and inspire the congregation.  EPF sends resources and tools to strengthen Peace Partners in their peace and justice ministries.

Peace congregations are welcome to use the EPF constant contact account to send attractive emails to large groups.  They will also a beautiful poster of the Bishop Paul Jones icon, a piece created by the Rev. Robert Two Bulls for the Episcopal Peace Fellowship.

Become a Peace Partner Now!  Fill out the following form and  send to Melanie Merkle Atha at

Peace Congregations Form (PDF)

Name of Peace Partner (individual or congregation):

Contact Person:


Physical Address:


Pledge (min $250 per year):

For congregations who wish to be listed in the Peace Directory, please describe your peace and justice ministries:

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