EPF Young Adult Network

Join this group and be in touch with other young adults who care about Peace and Justice and are doing something about it.

Convener: Rev. Cody Maynus youngadultnetwork@epfnational.org

A key part of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship’s mission is to form the newest generation of peace and justice leaders in the church. Alongside the following programs, young adults currently comprise more than half of EPF’s board.

Young Adult Delegation to General Convention is currently accepting applications. Next summer’s General Convention in Baltimore, MD will be the seventh EPF Young Adult Delegation in which a cohort of passionate young adults will be trained and lifted up to be voices of conscience and justice for the entire Episcopal Church. Five young adults will be selected to attend General Convention as participants, witnesses and advocates for a vibrant, engaged church. The members of EPF’s Young Adult Delegation write resolutions, testify, volunteer and make themselves known all around. Apply by November 1, 2020 to be considered for the 80th General Convention delegation.

Young Adult Network Ambassadors is a new opportunity for young adults ages 18-30 to work for peace in their communities while joining with the larger EPF movement through pilgrimages, retreats and leadership positions. In early 2016, Ambassadors joined EPF’s Young Adult Network in leadership roles, both locally and nationally. At the local level, Ambassadors helped operate the Network’s social media channels, and kept a keen eye for actions and initiatives taking place in their own communities. Ambassadors also helped network directors host a retreat or Urban Pilgrimage offered to the whole community.


Young Adult Network Ambassadors will find three distinct growth opportunities while in this role:
  • COMMUNITY BUILDING Get involved in community building through local movements, EPF events and curating our social media presence.
  • LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Help EPF plan and lead retreats, Urban Pilgrimages and our presence at the 2018 General Convention.
  • NETWORK GROWTH Grow your personal network amongst young adults, peacemakers, priests and bishops.
This role offers a distinct leadership opportunity for the young adults of our faith!
For more information, please contact EPF’s Young Adult Network Director, Rev. Cody Maynus, at youngadultnetwork@epfnational.org.

EPF Young Adult Urban Pilgrimage Program operates at multiple sites around the country and engages with issues such as homelessness and immigration by bringing participants face-to-face with individuals who struggle daily with these problems, as well as with the professionals who serve them. The Urban Pilgrimage experience of witness and examination empowers young adults to take action in their own communities on issues of poverty and injustice.

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