Eighty Days of Peace and Reconciliation to Commemorate Eighty Years of Action!
During the 80 days following the feast day of Jonathan Myrick Daniels on August 14 and leading up to EPF's Eightieth Anniversary on Armistice Day, November 11, 2019, EPF will highlight local acts of peace and reconciliation and work to shore up support for the ongoing work of EPF. Watch Presiding Bishop Curry's video and support our Year of Action.

Recent News

Peace Out! Week Forty-three

Peace Out! Week Forty-three Members of EPF of Blair County, Pennsylvania prepare to begin their "Journey of Remembrance" Walk and Vigil in Altoona, PA on Saturday, November 2 — All Souls’ Day. From the left: Cowan Mikolajczyk, Shannon Berndt, Greg Williams,...
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Peace Out! Weeks Forty-one and Forty-two

Weekly Update from Melanie Peace Out! Weeks Forty-one and Forty-two NEC members at St. Timothy’s, Littleton, CO at the April, 2019 NEC meeting: Rev. Bob Davidson, Rev. Kay Houck, Bob Lotz, Melanie Atha, Maryann Philbrook and Ellen Lindeen Renewing the Vision of EPF As We...
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Peace Out! Week Forty

Peace Out! Week Forty St. Savior Episcopal Church, Bar Harbor, Maine New England in autumn is evidence of God’s good grace. Greetings, EPF friends and family! I’m in the Holy Land this week, about as far away from the grandeur of New England in October as one can get,...
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Action Groups

Take Action

The work of EPF depends on the support of those who seek to do justice, dismantle violence and strive to be peacemakers. If you would like to help in that quest, here are some ways that you can contribute.
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Palestine Israel Network

The goal of this Action Group is to provide relevant information and links to valuable resources, to enable stronger, more effective advocacy and to provide a place for PIN members to connect and collaborate.
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Young Adult Network

Join this group and be in touch with other young adults who care about Peace and Justice and are doing something about it.
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Gun Violence Prevention

The Gun Violence Prevention Action Group explores three major ways that our chapters and members can work to reduce gun violence.
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Death Penalty Abolition

This Action Group explores the topics of death penalty abolition, justice, and penal reform. We are presently working to create a network of resources and opportunities for public witness. Contact us with your suggestions and ideas and watch for monthly updates to this site.
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Form an Action Group

Resources to help you promote nonviolence.
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