Here are some sermons that may be useful to you as you answer Christ’s call to wage peace in your work, your congregation and your community.

Dr. Linda Gaither, “Get Out of the Gun Empire with Father Abraham”, March 16, 2014

Rev. Peter Carey, “Our hearts are in Newtown today” , Advent 3 2012

Rev. Casey Shobe Juneteeth and Charleston Proper 7B 2015

Rev. April Berends Proper 7B Charleston shootings

Rev. Betsy Baumgarten Proper 7B Long Beach, MS

Rev. Lara Stroud’s sermon – Get in the Boat, St Thomas Church, Whitemarsh, PA, Proper 7B 2015

Rev. Dr. Kurt Gerhard – Calm the Storm, Mark 4:31-41, St Patrick’s Church, Washington, DC
Rev. Ginny Wilder – Not One More, Proper 5C #WearOrange Sunday, Old Swedes Episcopal Church, Wilmington, DE