EPF Chapters & Contact Info

EPF chapters are regionally-based and work on local peace initiatives within their parish and communities as well as on national and international issues.  Chapters sponsor and co-sponsor prayer and public witness such as peace vigils, liturgies, service projects and demonstrations. Don’t see a chapter in your area?  Click here to learn more about beginning an EPF chapter in your neighborhood!

Alabama: St. Mark’s Troy Chapter

Convener: The Rev. JeffreyByrd
[email protected]

Alabama: Diocese of Alabama Chapter

Convener:The Rev. Steve Shanks                 
 [email protected]

Arkansas: Bishop Frensdorff Chapter

Convener: Ms. Illa Abernathy                  
 [email protected]

Arkansas: EPF of Arkansas Chapter

Co-Conveners: Caroline Stevenson
[email protected]
Lisa Hlass
[email protected]

California: Hermosa Beach EPF Chapter

Convener: Ms. Marggie Harrell                                                                                                 
[email protected]

California: St. Luke’s Long Beach Chapter

Convener: Dr. Cecelia Lynch
[email protected]

California: Church of the Incarnation Peace & Justice Committee

Convener: Mr. Richard Charles                                                                                    
[email protected]

California: San Francisco Chapter

Convener: Sr. Pamela Clare
[email protected]

Colorado: EPF Colorado

Convener: Fr. Bob Davidson
[email protected]

Connecticut: Berkeley Divinity School at Yale EPF Chapter

Convener: Linda Griggs and Jamie Maury
[email protected]
jam[email protected]

Connecticut : Christ Church Cathedral EPF Chapter

Convener: The Rev. Mark Pendleton
[email protected]

DC (Washington): EPF DC Chapter

Conveners: Ms. Helma Lanyi: [email protected]
Mr. Peter Hildebrand: [email protected]

Delaware: EPF Delaware Chapter

Convener: Ms. Debbie Goebel
[email protected]

Florida: EPF North Florida Chapter

Convener: The Rev. James Wright
[email protected]


Atlanta Contact: Ms. Llewellyn Bell
[email protected]

Illinois: Diocese of Chicago Peace and Justice Committee/EPF Chapter

Contact Person: Mr. Tim Yeager
[email protected]

Maine: Maine EPF Chapter

Convener: Gretchen Crawford
[email protected]

Massachusetts: Diocese of MA EPF

Convener: The Rev. Phil Jacobs

Massachusetts: Grace Church Peace Fellowship

Convener: Bob Hawley
413-253-3582, [email protected]

Maryland: Eastern Shores EPF Chapter

Convener: The Rev. Alan LaMontagne
[email protected]

Michigan: Royal Oaks EPF Chapter

Contact Persons: Joseph & Luella Bassett
4419 Elmwood Street Royal Oak, MI 48073
(248) 549-3888

Michigan: Traverse City EPF Chapter

Grace Episcopal Church
341 Washington St.
Traverse City, MI 49684
Convener: Betsy Davidson
[email protected]

Michigan: Blue Water EPF Chapter

6190 Twin Lakes Drive Kimball, MI 48074
(619) 989-9398
Contact Person: Kenneth Kepler
[email protected]

Minnesota: Minnesota Chapter

St. Louis Park, MN
3251 Louisiana Ave. S. Unit 104 St. Louis Park, MN 55426
(952) 929-8440
Contact Person: The Rev. Rex McKee
[email protected]

Missouri: Metro Kansas City EPF Chapter

Convener: The Rev. Bryan England
[email protected]

New Hampshire: Jonathan Daniels Chapter

Convener: The Rev. Bill Exner
[email protected]

New York: Mid-Hudson Kingston Chapter

Convener: The Rev. Susan Bonsteel
[email protected]

New York: Hudson Mohawk Peace Fellowship (East Greenbush area)

Convener: The Rev. Erik Lehtinen
[email protected]

New York: EPF of the Southern Tier of Central New York (Ithaca area)

Convener: Ms. Nancy Siemon
[email protected]

New York: Western NY EPF Chapter (Buffalo)

Convener: Mr. Stephen Hart
[email protected]

New York — St. Bartholomews (New York City)

Convener:  Cathy Porter
[email protected]

St. Bart’s Episcopal Peace Fellowship chapter normally meets on the third Sunday of the month from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. in the Community Ministry Room; all are welcome. For exceptions and for further information, please visit http://www.stbarts.org/episcopal-peace-fellowship/..

North Carolina:Asheville

Convener: The Rev. Ross Jones
[email protected] 

North Carolina: Durham Area EPF Chapter

Convener: Ms. Donna Hicks
[email protected]

North Carolina: St. Anne’s EPF Chapter (Winston Salem)

Convener: Ms. Linda Winnikoff
[email protected]

NORTH DAKOTA:  St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Fargo

Convener: Ms. Gin Templeton [email protected]

Ohio: Ohio Diocese Chapter, Cleveland

Convener – Deborah Hunter
[email protected]

Oklahoma:  Shawnee Oklahoma Peace Fellowship

Convener: Mr. Larry Smith [email protected]

Oregon: Diocese of Oregon Chapter

Convener: The Rev. Marla McGarry-Lawrence
[email protected]

Oregon: St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Eugene, Oregon Chapter

Convener: Ms. Phyllis Hockley
[email protected]

Pennsylvania: Central Pennsylvania Chapter

Convener: Mr. Milton Leake
[email protected]

Pennsylvania: Central Susquehanna Valley Chapter

Convener: The Rev. Kerry Walters
[email protected]

Rhode Island: EPF of Rhode Island

Convener: The Rev. Peter Michaelson
[email protected]

South Carolina: Holy Cross Faith Memorial Chapter (Pawley’s Island)

Convener: Dwight Fee
[email protected]

Tennessee: St. Paul’s—Murfreesboro EPF Chapter (Murfreesboro) 

Convener: Ms. Ellen Donovan
[email protected]

Tennessee: Sewanee EPF Chapter

Convener: Mr. Ed Camp
[email protected]

Tennessee: St. James Knoxville EPF Chapter

Convener: Barbara Hickey

[email protected]

Tennessee: St. John’s Cathedral EPF Chapter (Knoxville)

Convener: Mr. Jim Orr
jworr@bm[email protected]

Tennessee:  Chattanooga Contact Person: The Rev. Jocelyn Bell

[email protected]

Texas: St. David’s EPF Chapter (Austin)

Convener: Ms. Debra Packard
[email protected]

Texas: Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest (Austin)

Convener: Ms. Jessie Smith
[email protected]

Washington: Olympia EPF Chapter

Convener: The Rev. Diane Brelsford
[email protected]

Washington: St. Augustine’s in the Woods EPF Chapter

Conveners: Richard and Arnelle Hall
[email protected]

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