As part of a network of Episcopalians concerned about the stalemate in The Episcopal Church’s positions on Palestine and Israel, we will work to nurture, mobilize and sustain a grassroots movement within The Episcopal Church.

We will…

  • be responsive to the voices of the Palestinian community and supports their nonviolent resistance to the Occupation and its injustices.
  • call on the governing bodies of the Church to more robustly act on the call of Palestinian civil society and KAIROS Palestine to support nonviolent means to end the Occupation and its injustices and to work for a peace with justice for all people of the land.
  • confront the US government on its complicity in the violence of the Occupation and calls upon it to seek enforcement of applicable UN resolutions and tenets of international law to reach a peace with justice and to examine how its policies and assistance enable the continuance of the Occupation and the stalemate in resolving the conflict with justice.