9/11 Resources from Vicki Garvey

Not only will we mark the 10th anniversary this year, but we do so on  the 13th Sunday after Pentecost.  Proper 19 already provides us with quite helpful propers, but I thought some of you might be interested in some other resources.

The internet has a lot, as you might imagine and although I have not studied everything out there in the ether, there are a few sites that might be worth your time and energy:

  • The Thoughtful Christian [http://thoughtfulchristian.org] offers a couple of book suggestions and the study guide for the film Babel
  • The Lutherans at www.elca.org [search either 'tenth anniversary' or 'September 11' provide a service and although propers are not the propers of this year, there are some prayers and sermon helps
  • The Presbyterians provide a terrific set of resources [www.pcusa.org/september11]: readings, hymns and two full services, of which the first is keyed to the RCL of the day and on the last page, links to other sites, including ELCA, Roman Catholic and Beliefnet
  • Our own national cathedral has services and interfaith readings from its work on the 1st anniversay; my guess is that something will also be done on the 10th anniversary, but I haven’t seen anything yet
  • As always, textweek.com has great stuff; simply scroll down the left hand column to both September 11 and 13 Pentecost

Those of you who subsribe to the Bible Study/Preaching Help Bible Workbench should note that their offering has some helpful articles.

I have in the resource center two VCR tapes which I am currently having converted to DVD:

  • From PBS, Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero
  • From TEC, Witness at Ground Zero: The Episcopal Church Responds

Finally, a few books to recommend [in no particular order and without full bibliography in the interest of time]:

  • James Taylor, In the Aftermath
  • Stanley Hauerwas and FrankCentriccia, Dissent from the Homeland
  • Marc Gellman, And God Cried Too [particularly for children]
  • Eugene Kennedy, 9-11: Meditations at the Center of the World
  • Ian Markham et al., September 11: Religious Perspectives on the Cause and Consequences

From Vicki Garvey, Associate for Lifelong Christian Formation, Diocese of Chicago

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